The future of Etyek, trends and perspectives of its tourism destination management

Tóth Nóra The future of Etyek, trends and perspectives of its tourism destination management. Kereskedelmi, Vendéglátóipari és Idegenforgalmi Kar.

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The author has chosen the topic due to her professional interest in tourism destination management and 10 years personal bond with the settlement. The hypothesis of the dissertation was that: A comprehensive, unique marketing image of Etyek may contribute to the development of the settlement. The aim of the study was to introduce the history and the present situation of Etyek and outline its touristic development perspectives. The first objective was to present the geographical and historical past and present of Etyek. The second objective was to give an overview of tourism marketing trends. The third objective was to outline the efficiency of the current marketing strategy of Etyek based on interviews. The author executed 1 deep-interview and 3 medium ones via phone and e-mail with professional stakeholders of Etyek. The survey showed that the marketing strategy of Etyek is ambiguous, the majority of interviewees claims that if there exists one it is: Etyeki Piknik. The Piknik was found to have a strong marketing image and efficient marketing strategy. There was correlation between marketing image and local development though the phenomena was found complex. The settlement was found quite underdeveloped from infrastructural and local accommodation viewpoints. Stronger local and regional co-operations and local service providers opened all year round were found essentials for the future success of Etyek. The fourth objective was to outline the interest of potential visitors of the settlement based on questionnaires. The author has collected 119 online surveys within 3 days via Facebook and e-mail. The majority of participants was familiar with the name of Etyek, found it loveable, cosy rural ambient and had an inclination to go for wine-dinner for 5-10.000 HUF. Top travel motivations were transition, Etyeki Piknik and Wine-wandering events. The inclination of staying overnight in commercial accommodations of Etyek was found low. The fifth objective was to formulate a potential marketing strategy plan for Etyek as a tourism destination. The author clarified that there was no need for a new marketing strategy rather new feedbacks to adapt. Lastly the hypothesis was justified adding that the complexity of the tourism flows cannot be traced directly all the time. Finally the author gave recommendations for local stakeholders: to strengthen local and regional co-operations, to use the power of strong marketing image and recent marketing trends and form a DMO of Etyek or a forum acting as a tourism incubator house.

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The future of Etyek, trends and perspectives of its tourism destination management


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Kereskedelmi, Vendéglátóipari és Idegenforgalmi Kar


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Mű típusa: diplomadolgozat (NEM RÉSZLETEZETT)
Kulcsszavak: tourism destination management, tourism marketing , marketing image, settlement development, Etyek
Felhasználói azonosító szám (ID): Petics Mariann
Dátum: 2016. Máj. 11. 14:20
Utolsó módosítás: 2016. Okt. 17. 11:14

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